Difference between butt wipers

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In the ideal world, everyone should be using their hands to wipe after taking a dump. But then, add physical disability, pregnancy and perhaps obesity and wiping becomes a cumbersome task This mostly affects those of us with relatively shorter arms. Think of it, it’s nearly impossible to clean up well when you’re six months pregnant. This is why we need butt wipers.

Physical disabilities may inhibit us from performing personal hygiene efficiently. Butt wipers for the obese are designed to help them reach their nether regions after pooping. With the right tool, they can clean up there after without necessary straining their neck, arms or back.

Funny enough, toileting is one of the least discussed topics among peers even though we do it once (or twice) daily. There’s much stigma surrounding this aspect of personal hygiene perhaps due to societal norms and differences in cultural upbringing. As we age, mobility tends to decrease generally Talk to any senior citizen and they will quickly acknowledge that they aren’t as fast and as flexible as they were back in the days. Wiping aids are the latest addition to life aids. They fall into the same category as crutches, canes and wheelchairs. Sadly, they do not get enough attention and most people suffer from pain as they do not know that such assistive devices exist

Why is it that no one talks of toileting openly?

Obviously, it’s one of the most private personal hygiene aspects. Most people suffer in silence as they fear being embarrassed. With the right wiping aid, personal hygiene is maintained without compromising on the person’s dignity. With a butt wiper, senior citizens no longer rely on caregivers while performing this basic task.

Are all Toiletry aids the same?

Of course not. They’re designed uniquely based on the customer’s body shape. As we age, normal movements become more difficult and your unique anatomy may make wiping cumbersome. Next time you’re shopping for a wiping aid, look at the length and whether it’s expandable. You will thank yourself later.

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